Apple’s M2 MacBook Air is a WFH super tool


Allow me to get straight to the point: If you’ve been patiently anticipating an opportunity to upgrade your MacBook Air for the past four or five years, the time has come to take the plunge.

The freshly unveiled 2022 MacBook Air, boasting the prowess of Apple’s in-house M2 chip, emerges as the quintessential companion for remote work scenarios, or essentially any professional endeavor carried out from diverse locations. With a modest entry price of $1,200, this new iteration of the M2 Air brings forth a comprehensive suite of features essential for any occupation centered around computer usage. Expect an unwavering battery lifespan, a notably enlarged 13.6-inch screen compared to its predecessors, an exceptionally satisfying keyboard, and ample processing power to effortlessly navigate daily tasks.

Is it without flaw? Certainly not. The updated M2 MacBook Air still calls for enhancements in facets like screen refresh rate and the selection of ports. However, for individuals akin to my own situation, who have invested considerable time in the workings of an older MacBook Air, the decision to upgrade to this new model is nothing short of a logical choice.

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Apple’s latest MacBook Air follows the M1-powered model from late 2020, with notable differences in appearance. The new M2 Air features a uniform thickness of 1.13 cm, departing from the tapered design of previous versions. Despite this, it remains impressively slim, even with the upgraded 13.6-inch display. As someone accustomed to a 13.3-inch screen, I noticed the difference in size immediately.

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